What is Bioresonance

According to Paul Schmidt?

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt is a cause oriented approach looking at the person as a whole, using modern Biophysics.
When Bioresonance is applied to the body it is non invasive and helps to trigger the bodies own self regulations.
Thereby bringing about harmonisation of each individual cell and detoxification.
Which then balances and strengthens the bodies natural immune system.
This brings about a supported body leading to better health and general well being.

The oldest form of bioresonance is the light of our sun. If sunlight reaches our skin, regulations are initiated. This is not caused by the heat of the sun, but by the ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum. Thus, ultraviolet light is able to stimulate the formation of pigments

Our skin has an integrated regulating system which pigments it, i.e. makes it look brown, in direct response to the specific ultraviolet frequencies within sunlight. The pigmentation of the skin is only one of the regulations that are initiated by sunlight, another one is the stimulation of the production of Vitamin D. Apart from the narrow frequency band of the sunlight there are also other frequencies which initiate their own regulations.

Almost any condition will benefit from Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.
It is a cause oriented approach. When our body is ill or diseased the body’s frequency patterns are distorted.

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt

is the complimentary health choice with German technology as its cornerstone.