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A.B & G.B

My Husband and I have used bioresonance for years with excellent results and have not had to visit the Doctor with many health issues. Using bioreson8 to test and then working with these frequency results with (...)

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"I suffer severe stress and depression and lots of little maladies that go with it - crying, panic attacks, insomnia, mouth ulcers, toe fungus, athletes foot, to name but a few. But the main reason I decided to (...)

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I have used bioresonace for many years its has helped to clear up cysts , parasites & highlighted health issues which have been sucessfully treated with a PS10 and using bioreson8 to test and by using those (...)

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Shortly after being diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukaemia I was introduced to Bioresonance. I have been receiving treatment for several years and as a result my white blood cells have been greatly reduced (...)

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After having leukemia over 20 years and yearly blood tests then last year I received weekly bioresonance treatment plan and detox. I have Just received Dr report from heomatologist which says no sign of (...)

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I have been using Bioresonance for many years testing and treating friends and family & Clients for all sorts of health related issues , had amazing results with psoriasis for my daughter and helping with pain (...)

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I was diagnosed with lymes which has resulted in having parkinsons for many years now , I had a test and treatment with Bioreson8 over about 6 months and when I was retested for lymes I was finally given the (...)

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We were introduced to Bioresonance when we suspected our oldest daughter was suffering from problems with her blood.
As our knowledge grew from treatments for the family and my wife's interest in the medical (...)

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I have found that Bioresonance treatments have helped me immensely .
I have had whiplash injuries & broken bones which even the hospital commented on how quickly my bones healed. The programmes used helped me (...)

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I was diagnosed with cancer in my leg , which I had to have a large tumor removed from my calf leaving a huge whole which they stitched straight away I started wound healing with Bioresonance after 10 days I (...)

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I have been pleased with and impressed by the way that the different aspects of bio res medicine, like the accurate Test & Treatment , detox baths, homoeopathic tablets (Rayotabs) , treatment on the mat have (...)

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D.R and J.R

We have been using Bioresonance for some time now and it has made a huge difference to our families health.
It is a non-invasive treatment which is second to none at diagnosing and treating all manner of (...)

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A close friend suffered every winter for the last 4 years from asthma & was tested & found to have frequencies relating to fungi spores. She found the source in her home and also had treatment & this is the (...)

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I have struggled with anxiety for many years but recently started to get severe panic attacks and have had Test and Treatment with bioreson8 over the last month and have found it to help ease the condition, my (...)

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V.P & D.P

Thanks to Bioresonance treatment I no longer suffer from many health issues.. such as .. lichen sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, seriously poor kidney function and lympathic problems.
My Husband has also (...)

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Jackie has helped me to continue treating Lyme disease. She is experienced in treating Lyme and it's complicating factors and has identified ongoing issues which she has then addressed. Jackie is a kind and (...)

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Jackie is a true professional, I have been attending sessions with her for food and allergy intolerances. She has helped me greatly and I would thoroughly recommend her.

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Jackie is a lovely lady. I have had the luxury of having a brilliant stress relieving aromatherapy massage from her, as well as the bioresonance treatment! Facernating stuff!

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I didn't think getting a facial and hand massage would be so relaxing, but it most certainly was very relaxing.
A full body massage was fantastic, would say to anyone to go for it as it is brilliant. Would (...)

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Thank you for the wonderful facial, hand, feet and Swedish massage. It was so good! I found myself falling asleep. I would recommend it to others to try as it was so relaxing.

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Aromatherapy - was so relaxing, especially the face massage.
Swedish massage - felt massage really soothed my aches and pains especially in my back and lower legs.