About us

My name is Jackie, I first became interested in the benefits of Rayonex in 2011 when we received treatment as a family for various health concerns. We experienced first hand the benefits it brought to our health and absolutely amazed by the information & accurate detail it could give, I then decided to commence formal training as a Bioresonance practitioner.

From here my interest grew in holistic therapies and wanting to be the best I could be to help others share these same results, I then commenced training with Rayonex as practitioner then went on to do as much training as possible followed by building biology, massage, nutrition, aromatherapy, indian head massage, music & movement for dementia & mental health awareness. I am a member of the Care and wellbeing coop where we support individuals in rural areas or referrals to access care & wellbeing services.

I am part of the PKAVS therapy scheme where carers can use their vouchers for my services, I know how beneficial this is as a full time carer myself and love being able to do this for other carers.


of training:

  • Basic training course – 2012 /13.

  • Rayonex, Germany practitioner training – June 2013.

  • Intermediate training course, England – October 2013.

  • Oxford practitioner seminar, England -October 2013.

  • Master class, France – June 2014.

  • Windsor practitioner seminar, England – June 2015.

  • Ps1000 training, France – September 2015.

  • Musculoskeletal system training, France – September 2015.

  • Metal detox training, France September 2015.

  • Biofield-Forming training (E-smog products) for mini rayonex , ELO-rayex, HF-rayex, CAR-rayex, Germany – June 2016.

  • Clinical Massage level SCQF level 8 (Napier accredited) June 2019
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) with Rayonex – ongoing.

  • Anatomy & Physiology Diploma, England – August 2016.

  • Rayonex 5 day practitioner certification training course, Germany- December 2016

  • CPD March 2017 Ethics in health care, as a nutrition advisor ( diet specialist).

  • CPD October 2017 Oxford training session.

  • Vogel online training.

  • CPD April 2018, Windsor Conference.

  • CPD November 2018, Building Biology Foundation Course.

  • CPD May 2019, Mental Health First Aid SMHFA (NHS)

  • CPD May 2019, Safetalk (NHS)

  • CPD May 2019, ASIST (NHS)

  • May 2019, Bioresonance Practitioner Training.

  • June 2019 Music & Movement for Dementia.